Melted Snowman Macarons

Warm up your winter with these delicious Melted Snowman Macarons — the perfect activity for a cozy night in!.

Recipe created by Delizza
  1. Add a small dollop of frosting onto each Delizza Macaron, and spread it toward the edge.

  2. While the frosting is still soft, add a mini marshmallow atop each macaron to create the head of the snowman.

  3. Add an orange sprinkle to each marshmallow to create the nose of the snowman.

  4. Use nonpareils to create the eyes and buttons. Note: You may need to add more frosting if it has already hardened.

  5. Allow macarons to chill in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes until the frosting has set. Serve at room temperature and enjoy.