50 Calorie Dessert You Don’t Have to Make & Love That!

By March 13, 2014 0 Comments

Excuse us for tooting our own horn, but… “Toot! Toot!” We can’t help that our desserts are only 50 calories! Plus, what’s even better? You don’t have to waste time preparing them. All of our desserts are easy prep, simply thaw and serve.

When we say all of our desserts are only 50 calories, we mean all of them -Belgian mini cream puffs, Chocolate Covered Mini Cream Puffs, Belgian Mini C clairs, and Belgian Double Chocolate Mini C clairs – all are 50 calories! Of course, if you decide to dress them up a little for special occasions, or just to reward yourself for being awesome, they’re even more delectably delicious. Our favorite added extras are drizzling hot chocolate sauce over our cream puffs, and maybe adding some fresh fruit along with it. There’s something that makes us go weak in the knees when it comes to our delicious desserts with added fruit and extra chocolate.

What’s the worst part about dessert, (besides the guilt afterwards)? Making it. We don’t know about you, but the entire time we’re making dessert, we’re usually trying to talk ourselves out of eating it. “I’ll just make these for the kids.” “I don’t need any of this.” “What would my diet say?!” Well, we say, “enough.” “No more of this silly talk.” Everyone deserves dessert, especially if you ate all of your veggies during dinner, or made a happy plate, or have been truly trying to stay on track with your diet. Eating healthy doesn’t mean the end of dessert as we know it. It’s not what you eat, but how much of certain foods you eat. So while the Delizza desserts are thawing, don’t sit there and think about why you shouldn;t enjoy them. Tell yourself that one or a few are perfectly healthy, (because they really are). Go ahead and indulge yourself a little. Just don’t go crazy! And hey, clean up couldn’t be any easier. Just throw away the box; easy prep, healthy eating, easy clean up. Who doesn’t love that?

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